Standard Products

All Conte products are designed to fit into any contract project, with a rich collection for the bedroom and living area.

Modified Products

Each product in the Conte collection can be modified to meet the requirements of any project.

Customised Products

For years we have been collaborating with established designers to make each of our products unique and inimitable and to adapt them to your project.

Turnkey Solutions

Our Contract Division offers a turnkey service for those who wish to have a single project coordinator.


Conte Group has gained a such over time experience and flexibility to be able to adapt its standard products to the target of offering to its customers the best solution for each project.

The company has 500 available fabrics variant and 200 leathers variant for the padded products and it’s able to customize the items dimensions. It also has the know-how to guarantee the compliance of its products to the foreign laws The company has its own carpentry department, that is able to customize products and any type of finishes for the living and night area.


Thanks to its flexibility and experience, the company is able to create tailor-made solutions also for the creation of luxury restaurants.

The group is able to communicate with the client and to offer any type of furnishing element for the dining and living areas.

Luxury Retail

The Conte group Contract Department, thanks to the experience gained over the years, it is able to create showrooms, offices or luxury retail projects, customizing each product and each finish according to the customer’s project.

The company is specialized, thanks to its internal production and the certified partnership, in the production of tailor-made products in various materials, such as boiseries or wooden furnishings, desk or marble coverings, doors and decorative elements in glass, metal furnishing details and upholstered furniture.


The Conte Group contract department has more than 30 years experiences In the collaboration with companies and the sector Professionals. The company is able to offer custom made solutions adapting to any kind of needs of the buyers.

Thanks to its team, the Company is able to support customers from the planning to the prototyping and up to the delivery and assembly of the furnishing elements The company has a team of engineers who also follow the client in the certification of products in the contract sector.