Karl Maxi

Joe Garzone



Lo specchio KARL ROYAL ha una struttura in vetro componibile con cornice smussata a 45 gradi. Lo specchio si rende protagonista andando ad impreziosire la parete su cui viene affisso, il modello è disponibile in 2 diverse colorazioni e nella versione retroilluminata e non.


Joe Garzone





Joe Garzone: His classical humanistic background is completed and it gets refined with the Degree in the Faculty of Architecture at “Sapienza University of Rome “. It is precisely in the Capital, caput mundi, that Joe focuses his interests and research, which have outlined its well-recognizable stylistic number, with clean and essential lines, also from the aspiration to perfectionism and the harmony of design well tangible. Supported by a team of professionals, and valid collaborations, he mainly deals with architecture and product design, with an undeniable versatile approach, which ranges from furnishing accessories to fashion accessories up to high jewelry. The “tout court” expression of his style, however, takes form in interior design. The study of proportions, materials’ research, colors and the study of light, with one scrupulus attention for details, make the final product a perfect mix of a meticulous and perfectionist work, essence of a very precise and recognizable creative identity.